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    1. Butthurt feminazi looking for reasons to be offended in 3…2..oh wait you’re already here, because you have no life.

    2. Mad, how could he be mad? Your fatuous comments are too pathetic to make anyone mad. Use all of your braincell and try harder.

    3. “He?” Are you referring to yourself in the 3rd person, or are you trying to pretend that someone else is defending you here? ROFL

  1. The drunk sluts. It’s a 2 for 1 and it was made even better by one filthy cum dumpster falling on top of the other cock gobbling skank bag

    1. Right on cue, like a retarded robot, Underpants, the resident misogynist just can’t help himself. He can sense their rejection of his repugnant ass, through the screen. Don’t you get tired of being such a predictable cliche, Underpants?

  2. Good lord I can’t believe that dude didn’t get seriously injured. I am sure the next day sucked.
    Those chicks are lucky there weren’t those mini sprayer ones in the bottom row of the fountain. That could have ended up way worse.

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