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  1. Ah “love”. Millennial style. There is no future for the west, and that’s actually a good thing. Keep it up. Breed yourselves out of relevance. The rest of the world will be able to finally take a deep sigh of relief.

    1. That’s funny. I was actually about to post a comment saying that there are simply not enough school shootings in ‘Merica since so many ideal candidates such as crybaby whore up there, who are simply perfect for retroactive abortion, slip right through the cracks. But you need not worry about me. I wasn’t dumb enough to stick around your well polished and marble-plated shithole to watch as this happened around me. I made money and left to live where people are normal. But I do wish you many. many more public shootings. God knows you earned them!

    2. Oh looky look! Just as I posted there was one in Northern Cali just today. Yippie!

      “At least five people are dead following shootings at multiple locations in Tehama County, including an elementary school where at least two children were wounded.”

      Feel bad for the kids. It’s not their fault their retard parents like yours decided ‘Merica is the place to raise them. Guess they thought that the mental disease of liberalism wouldn’t spread, but we all know they were wrong. Oh well. Cleaning the gene pool, especially in Cali where it’s snowflake central. Figure those kids would have likely grown p to be transdegenreates of faggots of some form or another like you. either way, sorry for the kids, but not that much. Dead ‘Mericans is always a good thing.

    3. It’s still always safer than Europe where you either have ISIS killing people while the police is unable to stop them, nightclub shootings, and risking getting invaded and surrenderiing while they wait for someone else to bail them out… yet again ?‍♂️

    4. How the fuck did you deduct that I am from the US? I would never go near that shithole. But you don’t seem any better than all the trigger-happy americunts who go on a shooting spree every week, just sayin’.

      Well good luck on being happy when people are getting killed. You deserve it buddy.

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