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  1. Hey Epic Fail! Why only go back to the neolithic era to get your material? Take a risk. Source the dinosaurs for funnies to regurgitate. Stupid fucking site.

    1. That niggga pulled the front brake that’s why he flipped. Gotta use the rear brakes when going so fast

  2. Not like this video wasnt posted on here before… and the first time i saw it I thought it was stupid. But the more i see it the more i enjoy it. From the joy and excitement of being pulled by a car on his bike 25 mph. To the oh shit moment and look of fear as he knows something is about to go wrong. To the point where he actually slams face first and the front wheel flys off. The grand finale when he skids across the pavement and looks back at his friends driving away holding his face as his now disconnected front tire rolls past him. It’s got everything you could ask for.

    1. I totally agree. Check, check, and check! I think we all go thru that stupid Beavis n Butthead stage, but hopefully before cars get involved to really ratchet up the physics factor heh heh.
      ps whether it matters or not, thank you for being better/more chill lately, NP.

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