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  1. And confused fucks like this twink think they have a right to serve in the military.
    Fact: Trannies have a very high suicide rate.
    Even after reassignment surgery, they still off themselves.
    These people have a mental disorder.

    They should all just jump off a tall bridge.

  2. I thought this was fake, so I typed it in youtube…… its fucking real and It admits to having sex with a Dog…. which is illegal, disgusting and just kill the trans already….

  3. 2 million people? 2 MILLION PEOPLE wasted minutes of their life watching this faggot? I feel bad when I catch a glimpse of American Idol or something of the like.
    These are registered voters and what is wrong with this country. Evolution? That would be a form of progression.
    This is the moral decay of society and I hope it washes away, I hope we can contain them all in CA ,build a wall around it and break it off into the ocean.

    1. You realize, of course, that California is by far the largest economy in the United States. Most of the tech companies of America are located there as well. You dislike money and technology?

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