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  1. Guys a dumb ass and dropped the whole bird in and made the oil spill out and catch on fire. You gotta stick it in slow like a dick in a pussy

  2. Oil level was too high. Even if he’d lowered it in slowly it still would have spilled over.

    Should have had the wings tied to the side so he didn’t have to worry about trying to get them in the pot. Then he might not have had it slide off the hook.

    1. Ya see. Ya see what happens, Larry!

      Only in the not-so-great land of the ‘Murica can you find enough mental munchkins to actually try to ‘fix’ this. It’s about time that thing you call a country got leveled.

  3. People………………………………………. I use that word VERY loosely, are actually discussing how this stump-of-a-human could have done this retarded ritual… better? Yeah, you all sure are headed for greatness, like the shrimp is headed for sailing the high seas.

  4. Just because you’re an incompetent fucktard like anon hillary cuck faggot, doesn’t mean you get to tell me what to do, cornhole smasher.

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