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    1. Come on son, how old are you, twelve years old? That’s pathetic, even for a simpering retard, like you.

  1. And that is the sum total of n!gger contributions in the last 5,000 years. In Africa, n!ggers have not moved 1 mm forward on the ladder of evolution since 5,000 years ago, still using neanderthal building techniques, bathing in cow urine and cow menstrual blood, and raping newborn babies in the belief that it will get rid of their HIV. These are facts. If saying this makes me racist then so be it. Facts are racist then I guess.

  2. I didn’t know chimps like butter. Huh, go figure. More likely they couldn’t tell the difference from a banana and a stick of butter. No matter how much they share similarities to humans, apes are still not human.

  3. Like icing on the beater???
    I am pretty sure this has been sold at country fairs for at least 30 years…
    At least she is trying I guess.

  4. How does one “invent” butter on a stick?
    So two n!ggers placed some butter on a stick and now they think they are inventors?

  5. Hehehhhahahahah , ohhh black people you make it so easy that even liberal anon knows it is worthy of critique
    Ladies and gentlemen , I will take the high road this time.
    So now these girls can join the ranks of two black people to invent something, themselves and George Washington Carver (peanut buter is a dam recipe)

    1. I hate to break into your deplorable little delusion, there, Cletus, but ignorant clowns like you, make critiquing your witless drivel, so easy. Contrary to your racist fantasy, inventions by black people have changed the world. This may shock you, but black people invented refrigerated trucks, CCTV, laser eye surgery, the street mail box, 3-D special effects in movies, the super soaker, touch tone phones and the blood bank, to name but a few. There were also many well documented inventions by slaves, but all were stolen and patented by the slave’s owners. And, if you bothered to look at the link someone posted above, you would see that the butter stick these two girls invented, is genius. Where are your inventions?

    2. No, I said inventions by black people have changed the world. New sentence: Here are some things black people have invented. Learn how to read. In any case, it is strange that you are nitpicking the syntax of a comment that is a response to some ignorant nonsense from one of this site’s resident racists. Hmm, I wonder why that is?

    3. I can read just fine…seems like you are having trouble writing. Why would you state that “inventions by black people have changed the world”, then follow it up with a list of non-world changing inventions? Quite clearly you are running out of material.

      I’m not “nitpicking your syntax”, I’m pointing out the ridiculousness of your comment. If you think that translates to the defense of racism, maybe you need to “learn how to read.”

    4. Try not to be a cretin for once in your miserable life. My words were clear and if you’re the only simpleton on the planet that failed to understand them, then maybe you should stick to cartoons. Once again you seem to be going out of your way to play down the importance of the inventions listed. You said I provided “a list of non-world changing inventions”. Really? CCTV didn’t change the world? Refrigerated trucks and traffic lights didn’t change the world? Who are you trying to kid? Of course, you don’t actually believe your absurd claim yourself, otherwise, why, in your original comment, would you only pick out the super soaker? To support your change of mind, however, I’m sure you’ll now go to great lengths to define what does and what does not constitute “changing the world” and miraculously, inventions by black people, in your determination, won’t make the grade.

    5. I picked out the super soaker because it doesn’t belong in your list of world changing inventions, dumbass. Looks like you finally got my point.

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