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  1. Good.
    She should be publicly shamed for that.
    She’s lucky she doesn’t live in the middle east, where she’d have her hand cut off at the very least.

  2. I’m only just catching up on these updates. When I first saw the video weeks ago I felt it was staged, it just seemed so “off” to me. Her stupidity left me incredulous. Now that it appears to have actually happened, I’m of the opinion that she’s clearly a low-life scumbag.

    1. Wow! On behalf of the entire Epic Fail community and the world at large, your story of offset credulity and its post facto hindsight epiphany were duly noted, reviewed and considered. The resulting decision is that a warm go fuck yourself you jackass dinner for two be awarded. Please chew it slowly.

  3. She made a conscious decision to commit theft, she not only stole money, but also what little of her self-dignity she had left.

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