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  1. Good lord! This fucking vid was up on this site like a few months ago. Oh and please, huh, with the whole “keeps on giving” attempt. Total fail. We all understand when you recycle shit and don’t have anything new to add, you lazy moron. This site has gone completely to shit.

    1. Even n!gger comments stand out like n!gger behavior does. It’s like a monkey tasting wine and then trying to describe the palate )))))) Stick with swinging off trees, welfare and crime. Slang suits you better vocally than in writ. Pretending to be human epic fail.

    2. Look at this dumbass cracker trying to string a sentence together. Try using spellcheck and punctuation if you want non-retarded people to read your bullshit. Just stick to whatever white-trash job you have in a gas station, in Hillbillyville and leave reading and writing to those that graduated from middle school.

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