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  1. its not. no school would allow such a maggot as a teacher and only a total sick perv would allow such a fat maggot to sit on his face and in that case enjoy the taste of a fart. man, i think i need to puke. even fails should have a threshold of somekind… uarggh

    1. You’re
      “.” <– period

      And all this in a 14 and then a 5 word sentence (19 words in all. And it is these "Drengi" species that decided Trump is bad. Walking algae like you is the very reason Trump won and will surely win again, so thank you.

    2. Nah, the ended up squatting the WH because the deplorables have voted fo’ it, everyone known that.

  2. Forehead fat… That’s when you know your a piece of shit.

    The rest of this post is fake. It has to be. It would take too much movement for this thing to capture, subdue and sit on a child. That child would have to have more forehead fat and that would be difficult with fewer years as a piece of shit.

  3. No, it’s not real. The woman in the photo is Tammy Slaton, sister of the infamous Amy Slaton who has a youtube channel. Both sisters are unemployed.

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