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    1. I am sorry guys, I just got triggered and over-reacted a little. You know I really love you guys. Mwahhh!!!

    1. … Oh and that you are also likely a self-hating, Russian speaking Jew that has zero to do with anything even remotely resembling real Russians, i.e., you are a typical Russophobe moron and the only tye in the world who hates your own kind, that is, a lowlife rat with no home.

  1. Nobody in that store cared… But this is due to Russian men being bigger pussies than their nasty women have between their legs. #Barbarossa #Retreat ??

    1. #Stalingrad #Kursk. Pindostanian pussies. You harbored Nazis, faggot. The USSR defeated the Nazis while cuntmericans shivered in their boots. Read a history book or talk to a WWII vet, bitch. That sand in your vag is making a hissing sound. Russians’l kick your fucking ass back to Ft. Nothing.

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