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  1. I remember when this site was hopping. People would say “FIRST” if they posted a comment first, since there were dozens of comments from the hundreds of viewers on each post within minutes. Now, the site is just sad. Posting old videos like this, without sound even. This one is particularly funny because of the sounds and shouts. And see how there are so many posts up for hours and no one is commenting? At least they stopped playing a 30 second ad before each little video, but that was so abominable this site probably lost a large percentage of its visitors who apparently never came back.

    Oh well. Whatever.

    1. Agreed. Also the new page formatting doesn’t help. Half the time the “Post Comment” or some of the later comments are covered and can’t scroll down to uncover them. I thought it was because they were formatted for phones and tablets, but no happens on them too.

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