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    1. Is that all you do, wake up as early as possible while it’s still dark out just to be the first to comment, to preempt and somehow magically try to seem smart? Try getting a job and a hobby. Btw, it isn’t racist of it’s true.

    2. Oh and just to add, by the very virtue of your preempting the obvious deficiencies of the given sub-species in these pics, your commentary only serves to underpin that you are quite keenly aware of the facts but unnaturally force yourself to pretend that they aren’t there. That’s symptomatic of stupidity.

    3. What makes you think I’m in the same time zone or even country as you? It’s not dark or early here. Seems like you are the one waking up early, eager to demonstrate your blind rage towards humanity.

  1. The whole purpose of comment boards like this is so trolls can try to get under someone else’s skin, and you never have to wait very long for the idiot fish to show up and bite down hard right on the hook. Either ignore the troll or show everyone else that you’re the real idiot. That goes for Anon 1 and Majestic. All you do is encourage him. Real smart.

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