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  1. So much symbolism. Can’t even hold THAT job, and all due to being a mental retard that can’t handle dealing with reality and a halfway decent president for once in what has been almost 30 years. Leftards are easily replaceable with motorized mannequins.

    1. I had my first experience with a mcdonalds self check out in Cleveland ohio… it went great! Biggest inconvenience was it took the human staff 10 mins to make 2 cheese burgers, 10 pc. Nuggets and hand us 2 cups so we could get our own drinks. I love how the lazy entitled morons of this country are putting themselves out of jobs

  2. HAHAHA The bitch got charges pressed against her. Check out her twitter feed…..

    Sam Montgomery‏
    19h19 hours ago
    Looks like I’ll be going to jail soon for what I did at the Starbucks in Lexington, Kentucky, which was 100% a real thing that I did

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