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  1. They hate racism, the patriarchy, homophobia, and capitalism but somehow killing and eating a person just because they have a job is somehow acceptable. Guess who paid for the street you are standing on protesting while skipping college classes (again taxes), and into the pool for your dumbass student loans? Yep, some schmuck named Bob who is fat and lives in Ohio with his heterosexual Christian wife and kids. An un-woke “sheeple” is actually more valuable of a human being than you are, lady.
    But yeah, Frankenstein retard boots, an ounce of purp, and a Spotify premium account are necessary to even function on a daily basis.

    1. I hear Wal-Mart is hiring, so you’d even get a discount on that 20 cent ramen.
      Or, you know, fish a quarter out of a fountain somewhere.

    2. Because they are liberal/socialists. They should get everything they want and not do a thing for it.

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