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  1. Bicycle cops are the third nipple of the police force.
    Why didn’t the other cops beat the shit outa the atv faggot?

  2. The only people that hate cops are the scumbags breaking the law and can’t accept their punishment for doing wrong.

    1. @Nice Pants: Are you trolling? I’ve never been “punished for doing wrong” by the cops, but I’ve been harassed by them plenty. I appreciate it when police do their job properly, and support the good cops out there. The majority of the ones I’ve come in contact with have been self-important pricks looking to give people a hard time to make themselves feel better.

      Wish the police had caught the ATV riders so they won’t have to take out their frustrations on the people they encounter next.

    2. Truth, I’m sure all the cops you have dealt with are the problem and not you. Most people rarely deal with the police at all, much less numerous officers like you have that would allow them to come up with an opinion like yours. You fall right into the category Nice Pants is talking about and you know it. That’s why you responded so defensively.

    1. Yes, I agree with you completely. That doesn’t change the fact that he laughed in almost the exact same way I’d have laughed if I’d been there to see it happen live. I’d have hated myself later, but to hell with that.

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