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  1. Trump became president so the rest of the world can laugh at the idiots who put him into office. They reinforced every negative stereotype there ever was about Americans. But, on the other hand, Clinton wouldn’t have changed that perspective. Guess that’s what you get when the last 10 guys you, as a nation, put into office were all retards.

    So clap your hands for another 8 years of laughing at the fat, orange ‘Muricans who throw hissy fits when you insult them. :DDDDD

    1. Sure clap youre hands while Americans live comfortably and the world looks up to us. Ask anyone in the US what they think about outside polotics…. their answer will be, who cares? The USA will continue to set the standard for the rest of the of the world to aim for…. meanwhile youre pathetic country will continue to be an after thought that no one really gives a shit about. Haha. Enjoy living in the 3rd world

    2. By the way I’m glad you get a kick out of American polotics you admire on your news channels everyday. How often do you think youre country is reported on in america…. take a guess

    3. The rest of the world looks up to us? Spoken like a true american’t idiot. Try actually traveling some of that world you think looks up to you, and then revisit your remark. You’ll be frustrated that there is no delete button on Epic Fail. Btw, Mexicans, middle easterners and East Indians do not qualify as “everyone”. “Everyone” stays right where they are and where it’s far better than your pseudo country. The only thing you have is the biggest rifle on the block (if you don’t count Russia and soon enough, China), but fear only gets you so far. Anyone with an IQ over 90 who’s been outside of Nazimerica knows it’s a shit-hole. Thought dwarfs like you make it way to easy to spot stupid just from a single comment… well from two comments in this case since the guy’s above sure did rub you the wrong way, and for good reason. He’s right! And deep down you suspect that he may be right, hence the back-to-back agitated responses. )))))) Keep on truckin, trailer treasure, short bus, square pants. 😉

    4. Anon said it pretty well, the only thing you got going on is guns and $$$ (but that’s about to change pretty soon as China and rich Arabs keep buying and producing all your shit). Other than that, your country lacks behind in almost everything. Statistics don’t lie. Education, health care, happiness. Those things have taken a dive long before your never-seen again father put his rotten sperm into your mother’s womb. Let’s take a sample. Look at the way you write and talk. Is that supposed to be someone who I want to be? Fuck no. But your huge ego won’t let you believe that, and with that you only confirm one more stereotype about Americans: That you can’t take criticism and genuinely believe that everybody wants to be you. LOL

      By the way, learn to frikin’ spell. What’s with Americans and their rotten grammar and spelling? I can write better English than you despite English being my second language.

    5. Thank God I live in America so I don’t have to be around people with single digit IQ’s like this girl

    6. A president’s term is 4 years, idiot. He will have to run again which I seriously doubt he will. I am guessing Trump will vacate office by March of next year. But I want to thank you for continuing the jingoist message that you apparently hate. Your comments make you look like a jealous fat girl. I suppose if you actually lived in a country worth a shit you would be a little more vocal about your location. In the meantime, perhaps you should hang out on a site that isn’t a .com and is more reflective of the retards in your country. That is the point of this site, to make fun of people that everyone declares idiots. I don’t think the USA is perfect at all. We are still growing and with that comes idiots on both sides that want to keep that from happening. Always remember that if you “well-established” European countries had done your job a couple of times and stopped your own civil wars, then America would have never had to get involved. You are welcome. Thank you for teaching us slavery, war, and unfair taxing practices to name a few.

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