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  1. Some stains from home abortion kits.
    Some cum stains on the armrests too.

    I bet this couch belongs to anonymous cuckold.

    1. Haha good one. But seriously why would anyone try to sell this thing. Eurotrash at its worse. Why not clean it up yourself and sell it for twice as much?

    2. Which one of us do you mean? The racist one, the libtard one, the intelligent one, the deplorable one?

      Be a little more specific you retard.

    3. Definitely anon cuck faggots mom’s couch, you can tell because those stains are from her failed attempts to abort him.

  2. Looks better than my couch. Mine has shit stains and cum stains on it from getting plowed on it.
    Every fart I make smells like cum.

    1. Then you should buy it. Sounds like an upgrade for your trailer. It would really set off the ravioli stains on your carpet.

  3. Anyway…decidedly fuckin ridiculous. Wish it was a joke but I know its not. It aint eurotrash either this is shitty part of Chicago or Philedelphia somewhere guaranteed.

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