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    1. No it is not fake news. Sweden is the world’s asshole. Nothing bud mudscums and faggots shielded by the brain damaged amoeba known as liberals.

  1. Not much difference between them and the liberal cesspool of San Francisco and the Kate Steinle murder case where basically set a 6 time illegal criminal immigrant free after murdering a woman with a stolen police gun.

    1. Rrrrright, as if Beitbart is fake news. No little snowflake bitch, it’s CNN, the Washinton ComPost, and all of the lefty scum channels and news sources like Facebook, Vox, Salon, and that comic book tabloid rag called the New York Times that are PROVEN and caught to be fake news. Sweden i s a hellhole of sand n!gger scum and subhuman life forms called faggots, who are all protected by their liberal Nazi government while regular people pat the price and have no say. That’s what happens when you let leftardism gain power. Take your empty head out of the zombie box, retard.

    2. This isn’t “fake” news but it’s incomplete. The “gun” was a starting pistol, which makes the story a whole lot less ridiculous.

    3. Like the CNN story today that was 100% fake? Took them half a day to retract, and the retraction is incomplete.
      They know if they published ACTUAL truth it would hurt their cause.

  2. Swedes are totally messed up. Their women are known for loose sexual morals, but in the present atmosphere that’s probably gone, too. I’d say cross that country off your list.

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