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    1. Drengi+ You’re a n1gger loving mudshark, your opinion is irrelevant, now go find your seat in the back of the bus.

    1. Yup. And too bad that such a friend stuck his thing in your other’s socket, or the world would have one less n!gger loving faggot in it.

    2. Fuck sake you can’t even make your own come back make sense. From my comment I assume you deduced that a friend of mine had suck a hobby, which you then cleverly added a bit of innuendo. However by placing “or” you have kind of made your point null and void as your comment basically reads.

      too bad you and your friend are gay, the world is not less one n!gger loving faggot in it.

    3. Im guessing you have retarded friends? No we all don’t have a friend like that. I am guessing you are the guy that shoves metal into sockets.

  1. Did anybody notice that just as the camera gets all shaky and the power hits him, you can see a peek of his hair going straight out? It’s only a split second, but it’s there!

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