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  1. 100% unemployable.
    At least the chick can still earn cash whoring herself out.
    I wonder how my cum would look on the tattood side of her face.

    1. Getting such extreme face tattoos isn’t liberalism it’s anarchism. You just don’t want to enjoy your freedoms do you?

  2. Cute how he masked the eroded nose from coke use to look like a miniature penis.

    Wow, what’ll his kids be like? I just can’t wait!

  3. 1) The artwork is actually pretty damn good. The decision to get it in the first place is very damn stupid.

    2) There’s no words to describe the stupidity. There is no art. There’s just a dumbass that got beaten to an in inch of his life with the ugly stick. Forget liberalism, anarchism, or whatever…that’s just the results of mixing a lil money and a sub 10 IQ.

  4. Did mommy and daddy not give them the required safe space growing up?

    These 2 need to do Mother Earth a favor and suicide themselves.

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