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  1. Dude, this admin is about the dumbest fuck there is. Everything is “Russia” with this moron. He’s like CNN only dumber and less popular. Try imagining a world where there isn’t just ‘Murica and CanaDUH. Yes, such a thing exists. Where did you find Russia in this clip, jackass? Fucking imbecile!

    1. Butthurt Russians? Ha! HA HA!! There is no such thing. You must be from Sweden or San Francisco pal. Russians have balls and a sense of pride and self. Something the US and the euu-ro-pee-ons has long abandoned. Nice try, fag.

    2. russians and pride, bwahahahaha. they would sell their own grandmother for a bottle of vodka. russia is one of the most corrupt countries on earth. wtf are you talking about?

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