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    1. Well, that’s how air conditioning works….

      Mini splits like the one pictured can be run in either direction to heat or cool. When they heat the inside, cool air goes outside, and vice versa. So although the pictured install is backwards, it will actually function.

  1. Sometimes after a long day trapped in the sweltering heat of your apartment, you just want to be able to open the door to a nice cool breeze.

    1. With the american education system, of course there will be no difference. There’s only the US and the not-US. You idiots don’t know about any other countries.

  2. Noisy and not enough efficient. Don’t buy Gabarrone!!! I had bad experience with the unit and with the after sales service. Nobody is behind the product.

  3. @Science Bitches…thank you you fuckin’ clown but I happen to own one. How else would I know it was installed backwards. You wanna put the condensor inside go ahead and let us know how it turns out.

    1. lol u mad bro? You don’t “want” to put the condensor inside because it needs to drain, and the controls are on the evaporator. Since you happen to own one, how about you turn on the heat, go outside, and feel the condensor blowing cold air. Now wrap your head around what would happen if you installed it backwards and it was summer.

      “Fucking clown” indeed…

    2. Also, if you want to be pedantic, whichever coil is currently putting out heat is the condensor. So when your mini split is set to heat, the indoor unit is technically the condensor.

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