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  1. @Anonymous^^^^^^.
    That’s what happens when you run up on a cop. They don’t know what your intentions are.
    I’m no cop and i would’ve propped that bitch.
    So fuck off with your anti-cop, Anti-American bullshit.
    You’re probably one of those BLM n!ggers.

  2. She was trying to hit the other cop, dickhead. I’m sorry you’ve been arrested or got a speeding ticket, but your hatred of cops because you can’t be responsible for yourself doesn’t mean people can do whatever they want to the police. Log off right now, get up, get on the public transit bus that my tax dollars pay for, and go get a free vasectomy that is also on my tax dollars.

  3. FWIW, cops in the US need to be this “brutal” because their country is so full of criminals. Russia is the same. If you take peaceful countries like Norway or Switzerland you don’t see cops doing this because the worst you get with criminals there are people stealing a bag of cheetos from the convenience store.

    So chill out my non-American friends and cut these cops some slack. Not everybody has the privilege of not living in a criminal-infested sh!thole.

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