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  1. Why is this so entertaining to watch?
    Not Rugby(because that’s for fags), but the douchebag hitting himself with the ball over and over again.

  2. Rugby for fags… ironic coming from an Americunt. No doubt you’ d prefer to wear full body armour before anyone’s allowed to touch your pussy.

    1. Let me clarify… American football is gay, rugby is not. It really isn’t difficult and you don’t have to be a connoisseur. Now fuck off Glitterforgays.

    2. Lawl yeah right. NFL are steroid-infested faggots. Rugby and Calcio Storico are for real men. Go home, yank.

    3. What position has any rugby player come into, successfully, in American football? Punter…and that’s it. They get broken by the American players because they are nowhere near strong enough to hang with gladiators.

    4. Uh huh, in your dreams, dickhead. I hate to break it to you, but no-one from the non-retarded rest of the world has ever “come into” American football, because no-one in the entire rest of the world plays it…because it’s lame as fuck…you hopeless, deluded cretin. Lol.

    5. Marc, so then “gladiator” in “Derp-derp merican” means fat, overpaid pussy? Huh. Learn something new every day. In that case I’ll take ISIS “terrorman” over US “superman” in the finals, seeing as how you can’t defeat Iraqis with slingshots for 17 years while Russia destroyed Syrian ISIS in 2. Like the sport says: look at the stats! Hahahaha )))

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