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  1. probably had a high angle loft wedge and thought he could hit it over his head. He skulled the ball though hitting it with the blade.

  2. I think everyone posting needs to stfu, quit posting, and keep their thoughts to themselves.

    Just like a few weeks back we had a bunch of drs. Appear on EF to explain exactly what went wrong with a dumb whore dancing and hurting her leg… Now we have a bunch of PGA pros telling us what went wrong and why his club loft was wrong.

    Listen pole smokers. This is a satire joke website… we don’t need your “professional analysis”. You know what went wrong? Some dumb baststard stood 5 feet in front of another dumb moron and said whack this ball right at my face and see what happens. Simple as that.

    1. Second it’s not even a real golf ball it’s a foam practice ball. You can tell by the way it bounces and the fact no school would accept the liability of real golf balls getting smacked around a gymnasium. Retards

  3. i can just imagine these 2 numbnuts during a bukkake…while friend no 1 (the shooter) try to make his jiz fly over the head of friend no 2 ( the catcher)…he gets him right in the eye!!!

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