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  1. ^ You said it.
    You are not making enough to get your own retarded game at $60 that you have to agree to this dipshit letter?
    Bitchweed award. Would F*K her then go play my game as she makes dinner

  2. Seem reasonable. Why would this faggot want to play a game rather than be with a woman is beyond me. I’m so glad gen zyklon is replacing millennial snowflakes.

    1. Some of the “rules” are just polite things to do, but #4 gives away her psycho status…what if he’s sleeping or in the shower? This is the kind of crazy girl you are afraid to break up with because you know she’s gonna smash your car or burn down your house.

  3. She even has a chastity patch sewn onto her jeans.

    Oh and P.S… fuck of Nice Pants before you start your inane ramblings, you too cunnilinguscunt.

    1. Love it when 13 year olds comment. Enjoying that winter break? School starts soon buddy. Hope you do well in your classes.

  4. If she’s smart, she’ll dump him. If he’d rather play a stupid video game, rather than hang with a good looking lady, she really doesn’t need him. But, she could also be one of those nut jobs that loves to be put down all the time.

    1. And why do we instantly assume he is sort of game aholic, or scumbag? You no literally nothing about the guy aside from his signature. You just said a whole lot about yourself in your comment. It’s called “projecting”.

    2. @Anon You sir win the internet troll award for accusing someone of making an reproach then immediately following it with one of your own.

    3. we don’t know anything about the guy to make any assumptions. we can, however, tell quite a bit about her from that letter.

  5. This is the same kind of girl who you catch sucking your best friends dick because she thinks you have no spine and he had the courage to call her a cunt.

    1. So hows life as a basement dwelling neckbeard virgin? Pretty bad, eh? I’d say it get better but by your attitude I bet it won’t.

  6. I see a lot of single dudes in this comment section lol. Contract aside, I was more impressed that a gamer has a girlfriend.

  7. I really feel sorry for this poor bastard. Can you imagine what she’s like in bed? Can you imagine what a controlling wife she’s gonna be? Whoever is giving this a “win” must be just as pathetic. You know what men want, instead of being told what to do? A blowjob.

  8. Blake Perry is a pussy whipped cunt.
    My list to her would read:
    1. Whenever you come over my house, you must perform oral on me.
    2. Whenever I come over your house, you must perform oral on me.
    3. Whenever asked, you must sit on my face..
    4. If I have to take an emergency shit while you are performing oral on me, you must continue in the form of a blumpkin.

  9. I would keep a nice collection of Plan B EC on hand. Get into the habit of making her coffee or tea when she hangs out so when it is time to crush one up and dump it in, nothing will seem amiss. Best to go ahead and start hitting on her friends, bro.

  10. Silly bitch doesn’t even know you can’t pause online games.

    Does she expect everyone else to sit there and do nothing in the game?

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