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  1. What a stupid fucking queer.
    Put your shirt back on Nancy. Even the chick next to you isn’t impressed; She thinks your an asshole like the rest of us.

  2. Reminds me of the guy trying to swing over a table using a chandelier… If a system wasn’t designed to be used the way you want to use it, don’t. That’s a horizontal member, with little vertical support. I doubt there’s a decal in the middle that says “Kick here”.

    1. Hm, you seem intent on coming to this site full of half-wits (obliged I’m sure) to dissect every video as if it were a brain teaser. Hint: black midget stepchildren with Down Syndrome, sickle cell, leprosy and accumulated dry drool on the sides of their mouths get all of the deep “intricacies” in these vids without any help. I think you missed your calling as Rainman minus the whole genius thing.

  3. Ah new gym membership time of the year. Pretty sure that is the last time he will do that in that gym. Most generally don’t allow folks to abuse the equipment that way. From the looks on folks faces, he was gonna get reported. Always some idiot that fucks it up for the rest of us. This is why we can’t have shitty nice things…

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