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    1. That’s the reason Americans are so retarded. You were a UK colony once were you not?

      Finally figured that out huh?

  1. ‘Murica in a photo. Gotaa love that he’s got “respect” tattooed over his eye as if just demanding it is enough. Just like ‘Murica.

    1. Where are you from faggot? Let’s dissect the shithole you live in and i’m not referring to your boyfriends asshole either.

    2. Lol, it’s funny how you call every other country a shithole, but, have you ever wondered why only people from the third world want to move to the USA, dickhead?

    3. That’s what I have been saying. Americans think that ALL people want to move to the US when only people from worse shitholes want to. Ask any french, german or british person and they’ll say “fuck no”.


    4. Good, then you can take back that twat John Oliver. I guess he’s lived in the US for over a decade “because he doesn’t really want to.”

  2. I just don’t get it. Yes he is def american…I doubt that ford ranger pickups like the one in the background were a big seller anywhere else. I guess my question is, while you might get tattoos all over your body, including your face, why the fuck would you DRAW them on, then walk around the neighborhood trying to look cool? Just plain childish and amateur.

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