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    1. No, your barely literate buffoon of a President sums up the combined intellectual equivalent of every conservitard in America.

  1. Since all the democrats have done so far is throw a temper tantrum, this is likely the mpst effectiev thing they’ll do.


  2. Can we please cut off the USA and build a huge wall around it? All that does come out of it nowadays is either libtard snowflake crap or Trumpanzee snowflake crap. Without it the world would be a much more peaceful and beautiful place.

    1. Well I am glad that all the rejects from my country decided to emigrate then. Better they all move to the US than stay here. Thanks for the info, made my day.

    2. Lol. Google biggest gap between rich and poor, fastest growing gap between rich and poor, lowest voter turnout, fastest declining access to the vote, worst performance of elementary through middle school students in reading and math, least access to health care, worst outcomes for medical care (except cancer), highest rates of obesity, highest amount of gun deaths per capita (by a brazillion percent), highest rates of extreme poverty, highest rates of student debt, most expensive tertiary education per year on average….amongst all industrialised western nations. Enough said.

    3. @Shit Pants

      I actually DID google them and found no muslim names among them. So what’s your point you fucking idiot?

      @Fellow Anon don’t bother, as long as there are no Mexicans, Blacks and Muslims in the US, Trumpanzees consider it to be great. Even if it means that they can’t get sick or they’ll be in debt for the rest of their miserable lives. Let them wallow in their ignorance, in the end truth will always win and the US has been in decline for many years now. Won’t be long and the rest of the world will deny US citizens refugee status. Can’t wait.

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