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  1. Responsible hunters will never make mistakes they said. They’ll never shoot innocents they said.

    Anyway, glad these douchebags got a little bit of their own meds. More examples like this please.

    1. I think all of the anti-gun folks simply need to go and stampede the properties of all the pro-gun folks and see who wins in the end. It’s like natural selection only for leftards.

    2. @Anonymous: So, you’d set up a situation that would never naturally happen, and in which the side you disagree with is guaranteed to lose? Oddly, your scenario sounds like hunting deer from a tree blind: rather unsportsmanlike.

      To show a counterpoint, you could say something like “All gun owners should be given guns that blow up when you pull the trigger.” Which is as equally unreasonable in the opposite direction.

      Something a more fair would be to institute standardized testing, involving all aspects of life (hunting included), and euthanize anyone who scores in the bottom 25th percentile.

    3. Bahahah+ Just fucking rekt this bitch, that was honestly one of the sickest retorts i’v seen in awhile, props.

    4. Calm down snowflake, you got rekt. NOBODY puts any stock into the cornball shit you say.

    1. As if rednecks are in any way worse than snowflake Nazis. Two sides of a coin. There’s a word for it. It’s called ‘Mericans and you all need to die.

    2. @Anonymous: Do you not see the irony of calling someone a Nazi, and then immediately call for the extermination of an entire group of people?

    3. I see two retarded libfaggots here that should just get on with sucking each other off already.

    4. If I had won, I would have put all the rednecks into death camps and turned them into carpets.

      Like my husband Bill always said “The only good redneck is the one you put in front of your fire place.”

    5. Look at these libfaggots jerking each other off, you still have 3 years left to sulk, it will be ok faggots.

    6. @Michelle: As a gun owner, I’d like you to stop perpetrating the caricature of an idiotic right winger, which just fuels the anti-gun lobby.

  2. The idiot that shot into these two is completely at fault, what could he have possibly seen that made him think there was a turkey? He saw movement and fired blindly without identifying a legitimate target.

  3. Love how all you idiots are blaming the shooter and not these 3 fags. The shooter is an idiot for thinking these idiots are turkeys. And the 3 guys that I wish would have got their brains blown out aren’t wearing the mandatory blaze orange hats or vests that they are supposed to be wearing.

    1. You don’t wear blaze orange to hunt turkeys. Blaze orange is more for big game hunting where the range of the gun is much farther than the shotgun used for turkey hunting. Blaze orange is also used for small game hunting where it’s not important to be stealthy (rabbit, pheasant, etc…).

    2. Wearing blaze orange to hunt Turkey’s? I take it you spend most of your time outdoors! lmao I bet you think your the smartest guy in the room.

  4. Ok being a dump european and having very limited exposure to firearms. Those rifles look kind of on the large size for taking out a turkey.

    Are Turkeys that hard a prey? Do they fight back?

    1. You’re right, you are a dumb European, they are shotguns so they appear larger than a typical rifle but the projectiles are generally smaller.

    2. They have an armor of sorts with their feathers. You have to use a heavier load or try and hit the head. Dude is right it is a shotgun, which is why the barrel is larger in bore. There was no need for him to be rude to you. I apologize on behalf of him.
      Turkeys are honestly pretty tricky prey. You would think a big ol bird like that would be hard to hide, but they do just fine. Often it can take more than an hour to call them in. You use a turkey call to do that (there are many different models from a diaphragm for your mouth to an old cedar box like I had). It is all about tricking them into thinking there is a female to mate with. Even when the turkey arrives, they are still difficult. They have $*%#&$ very good eyesight and are very cautious/easy to spook. The hunters in this vid aren’t wearing safety orange vests since the turkey would be able to see them, making it more risky (and why this one got popped by accident). I have heard of all manner of shit happening while turkey hunting and even them taking a blast from a shotgun at 10 yards and running off like it was nothing. I have also had a couple of friends kill two turkeys in one go while they were mating(the turkeys not the friends haha). Very interesting and weird birds. Hope this helps give you an idea of what goes on with turkey hunting. It is honestly a lot of fun and luck and skill. I didn’t see or hear one sometimes for hours but saw all kinds of other animals I would have never seen otherwise. My favorite was a bobcat that pounced down onto a flock of grazing doves and came up with three. Also saw a hawk snag a snake from a field and drop it a few times to kill it. Nature is a beautiful thing but harsh. Like living in the ghetto, take one step at a time and keep your head low 😉

    3. “They have an armor of sorts with their feathers.”

      Funniest shit I have read all day. Thank god I never will be able to be the most retarded person on earth.

    4. You are at least the most ignorant then, Anon. Please tell me of your hunting experiences and how to properly milk the prostate of an unborn child.

  5. Remember driving through Tennessee and a flock of these dingbat looking “birds” ran across the one-lane highway 20 feet in front of my car. had it not been for me coming out of a turn at that moment at 30 mph I would’ve had enough turkeys to feed me and 4 of my neighbors. These jackasses remind me of the Ron White joke about the deer. “Elusive little creatures!” This is to “sport” what swimming pool Marco Polo is to… sport! ))))

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