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  1. Thanks to this fucker, all manhole covers will now come with a warning label.
    What an idiot.
    I’m a proponent of removing ALL warning labels from everything. If you’re too God damn stupid that you’re going to do something moronic with an object or product, then you deserve everything you’ve got coming to you.

    1. i guess we shouldn’t have removed the warning that this video is fake – it appears you are too god damn stupid to notice.

    2. Ha, as soon as I watched this I knew there would be retards calling FAKE in the comments. I bet the same retards believe that 911 was an inside job, too. As predictable as the sun rising.

  2. I read this was a kid in china for Chinese new year who put a firework down a drain but had a gas leak. Probably fake but would make a good Darwin award.

  3. I’ve watched the reactions of each person in this video. It’s a real event. It is obvious something blew off –but..would’ it not go up, and away WITH the boy. Otherwise, all persons reacted within the normal reaction range and amount of emotional reaction
    . So, the only questions are;
    CGI Perfect?! A WELL made Dummy,\? or
    A human dummy ‘done’ in slowmo/fastmo?
    (In the end, who cares. Just seemed worthy of another wise wasted high).

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