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  1. This is today’s western female material. And then the world wonders why faggots and dykes have popped up all over the planet like a disease plaguing humanity. It’s dumb whores like this. Who the fuck would want to marry one of these benign flesh-and-holes? These disgraces to women are a use-3-times-and-throw-away pussy bags. They want “rights” and “respect, pfffffhahaha! Yeah, right. They have a better chance of closing their eyes and wishing themselves into a healthy marriage and family. These kinds of sluts are going to be the western world’s undoing.

    1. Boy, you really hate women don’t you? Does your repulsive ass get rejected by them much? Gee I wonder.

    2. Try a new Schick, anon. White knighting obviously isn’t working for you and I’m sure being a cuck must get old eventually

  2. ^^ I feel sorry for you queers if watching a drunk white trash skank spinning a dirty disgusting diseased toilet seat around her neck and hair in a public bathroom is the highlight of your day.

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