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    1. The puritans came from England, you dolt. The world’s greatest bundles of stupidity came from Europe…Karl Marx, the Nazi party, the coward French giving the Nazis everything they wanted, the Yugo was built in eastern Europe…can go on and on and on. We Americans declared independence from the European assholes for a reason, we want no more part of your stupidity.

    2. only this post wasn’t from an english person, it was from an american.

      so whine all you want, it doesn’t change the fact you’re a nation of retards.

    3. Well said? Are you actually retarded? His fatuous comment is overflowing with ignorance and stupidity and he failed to respond, at all, to Anon’s comment. I guess for deplorable retards like you, well said equals anything maligning foreigners, no matter how nonsensical. Trump voters, everyone.

    4. Calm down panchito, I have seen worse things done by your shitty race.

      http:// ww w.jornada. Sounds familiar? Fucking shitskin.

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