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  1. what a bunch of Pussies. Nothing like smashing into someone’s house and setting it on fire and running like cowards without warning the residents or any of the neighbors. I’d beat the ***k out of all 3 of them if I was anyone in that neighborhood

  2. Nooooo, this is why you don’t let SPICKS transport full gas tanks. SPICKS! Normal people aren’t this dumb. You wouldn’t trust a monkey to perform knee surgery any more than you should trust a spick to perform even the most mundane task.

  3. What the fuck did I just witness? Third world, shithole, dumbass morons . Who even thinks like that?
    Just ram a drop ramp backwards and it will work.
    Get that wall built, Trump!!! Please send all liberal dumbtard opposers over there to work for their gas company!

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