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  1. what a bunch of Pussies. Nothing like smashing into someone’s house and setting it on fire and running like cowards without warning the residents or any of the neighbors. I’d beat the ***k out of all 3 of them if I was anyone in that neighborhood

  2. Nooooo, this is why you don’t let SPICKS transport full gas tanks. SPICKS! Normal people aren’t this dumb. You wouldn’t trust a monkey to perform knee surgery any more than you should trust a spick to perform even the most mundane task.

    1. Woah there bob, that insult has been used so much is not even funny anymore. Besides, whites are not recognized world wide as rapists, are they? LOL

    2. Well, you could trust a fucking spic with any task. As long as you don’t mind overpaying for whatever you want them to do of course.

      I mean they do have to be able to do something since those things are supposed to be people right? LMAO.

  3. What the fuck did I just witness? Third world, shithole, dumbass morons . Who even thinks like that?
    Just ram a drop ramp backwards and it will work.
    Get that wall built, Trump!!! Please send all liberal dumbtard opposers over there to work for their gas company!

  4. They ran as if they were being asked for papers lol. I would be willing to finance turrets for the wall if that makes those fucking scumbags unable to even get close to the country’s border.

    Its a miracle nobody got either killed or hurt.

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