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  1. And these simple minded cunts want equality? I’ll give you equality. Iron my shirt so the seams are EQUALLY pressed, bitch.

    1. Of course, no woman, not even Hellen Keller would allow your revolting, misogynist ass anywhere near them, would they oaf-man? Looks like you’ll be ironing your own shirts for the rest of your deplorable life.

  2. My hometown!
    Springfield, Missouri. Commercial street.
    It’s where all the hip/trendy/stylish try to hang out. LOL
    Still amazes me how people get rattled trying to parallel park.

    1. As a reprehensible woman hater, I’m fairly sure the only woman that will ever make you a “sandwhich” in your miserable lifetime, will be your mother, right, you illiterate retard?

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