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    1. That will be one franchise not short of material. Ask any American where they are from and they will give you their entire geological history

    2. IF they know anything about geography that is. For most Americans, everything outside the US is “evil socialist land”.

    3. Well, I started out as sediment, then I became shale, then SLATE! But then I got subducted, and that’s when things got REALLY interesting.

  1. Oh yeah. I remember Adolf Hitler’s earring and neck tattoo. They were his trademarks.
    How does this guy not realize he would have been one of the first against the wall?

  2. He doesn’t realize that the real Nazis back in Germany would have had him executed for mocking them, or at the very least for that swastika tattoo on his neck. Or, for being gay because he had an earring.

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