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  1. id say all 3 of them are small peckered dick lickers. The guy is a jerk for taking up 2 spaces. No doubt. But in fairness the parking lot has tons of empty spaces. The two closet lovers in their over compensated jeeps are about as gay as they come just trying to get some internet attention. No winners in this situation.

  2. A dick with its nuts neatly displayed on either side.
    Judging by the jeeps, I would guess the owners are not enlisted and have a high sperm count and several girlfriends.

  3. So how can they tell he was the original perpetrator. Could have been another dick parked there earlier so he had to park as seen. Then these two dumb fucks come along thinking their heros.

  4. Yep, this one is fake. in the longer version, you can see OP sitting on the sidewalk as the Jeep drivers laugh about how funny they are.

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