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  1. The spring session with the “broadway play (Okay maybe Off-broadway) coming where 500 fanatics” show up and then review the script and the actors. Can”t wait. Hope eternal eh? The players are who they are. Up to the coaches to get them to the level they need to be at. Yup players gotta play and coaches gotta coachwell you know how I feel about that. 5 stars? The Mighty Buffs require 5 star coaches, who are 5 star recruiters, who are 5 star teachers, who are 5 star motivators, who are 5 star strategists, who are 5 star game implementers. History says this to be true. Mid Note: Looking hard right there. 6th year for the Mighty Mac2 All new defensive staff since he rolled in (3 defensive coordinators)(Course he is a defensive gooroo right?) 2 holdovers on the O who pretty much just switched positions with one supposedly on the way up and the other for sure on the way down. (IMHO the one on the way down should get a nice staff position..a real loyal dude) I don”t see any 5 star coaches on that staff. Nary a 4 star either. Well there ya go. Starts with the HC. Stars matter..especially at night. CU in 18Bowl year

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