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  1. Haitans don’t get enough nutrition to jump that high.
    A typical breakfast for this guy is a piece of tree bark and a cup of tainted water.

    1. USA 46 gold, 121 total> Shithole libfaggot infested Canada 4 gold, rofllllll, 22 total roflllll.

    2. Plus, this was under obomo’s term, so your comment makes literally no sense. Nice try though faggot.

  2. It’s all whitey’s fault. They’ll give him the gold just for progressiveness’ sake. Who the fuck watches the Olympics anymore anyway? Totally politicized piece of shit attraction that’s totally unfair, unjust, and full of dopers and druggies. Waste of time.

  3. haiti: let’s kill all the white people – whoops, now who is going to run the country? /live in squalor for the next few centuries

  4. Lets all be real here : if you N!ggers can’t run or jump anymore we REALLY don’t need you around.
    Get your shit together ! The white guy was faster and jumped higher!

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