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  1. Must be the 2015 graduating class at UC Berkeley’s gender studies department. ‘Murikan’t’ university slogans should read: “College: like grade school all over again, but more expensive. Get yo learn on!”

  2. Considering kids aren’t taught things like roman numerals, math, science (real not politically correct), history (real, not politically correct), grammar and what not…NOT surprised one bit.
    Best way to control the society, is to DUMB IT DOWN to the point they are walking morons (which is close considering how they walk around with their heads glued to their stupid phones).

    1. There’s no politically correct science, that’s an oxymoron. Creationism, flat-earth theory, non-existence of climate change. It’s all bullshit. Of course, many people would disagree on this, saying it’s “fake news”. But in the end, it’s what most scientists agree on whether those people label it as fake or not.

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