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    1. Europeans: They don’t have the money to buy expensive booze because they’re too busy paying high taxes to fund an invasion of needy immigrants on entitlements that hate their guts.

    2. Let’s not get crazy, you might want to mock Americans for some idiotic shit you just saw but I’m certain you are in no condition to even say anything.

      Just like the other user said, if you are an euro then you are a cuck that literally pays to get bombed/raped/murdered by people who hate everything you are (providing you are white, if you are not then there’s less things for them to hate but still, they do hate you for who/what you are) but if you are just some latino asshole or some other excrement coloured imbecile from a third world hellhole (or shithole) then… yeah, you don’t really have much of either (money/brains) if you even have any of either at all.

  1. See that’s why men need to earn more than women. If a women has a good night she earned $4000 where if a man has a good night he spent $4000

  2. Goose is 40$ a bottle. Only impotent men with a wallet bigger than their brain pay for bottle service with an upcharge of 1000%

  3. How the hell can any vodka be worth $4000? Only idiots and Americans (oh sorry that’s a tautology) would pay a tenth of that for a bottle of ethanol and water made from cereal grains for cents in the litre. Yes. Litre. Not gallon. Litre. Learn to use the fucking metric system you stupid, retarded children. You’re the only country on the face of God’s earth that still uses the imperial system. Not that you every had an Empire. Turds.

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