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    1. Hey, America is working on comprehensive legislation and common-sense laws that will ensure that Fergie never gets to sing in public again. That’s SOMETHING, right??

    2. Okay stupid, first of all you can’t even type properly so you can’t call anybody “stoopid” and second, the shooting was staged (and as far as I know the media stopped caring about the issue when they realized no blacks got killed, otherwise they would still be trying to shove some propaganda down everybody’s throat).

      Bonus fact, people kill people regardless of what they use to do so. If it hadn’t been a gun it would have been something else.

  1. Worst anthem ever? Yes, it’s ‘MuruCUNT so of course it’s the worst. Worst CUNTry. Worst CUNTry anthem. Add to that a completely manufactured, talentless hack, propped up and PR-d via an evil media and a disgusting “music” industry, aimed at today’s worthless generation of total idiots, and of course you get this. Expecting anything different is psychosis.

    1. Let me guess, you think your fucking mexico’s excuse of an anthem is the most beautiful there is, right? I’m not a gynecologist but I do recognize a cunt when I see one, cunt.

  2. its for the nba allstar game. Who cares? you send a white trash n!gger digger to sing then are suprised when she messes it up. This from a frog faced skank who pissed her pants on stage. google her.

    1. Glitterstorm’s appraisal of the Fergie situation is spot on………She is the definition of a CUM Dumpster!

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