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  1. yes, we are. because while there always have been lunatics who will do shit like this, the problem now is that everyone else is too fucking spineless to do anything about it except pull their phone out and film it. no one has the spine to do what needs to be done and tell the disgusting bitch to cut that shit out.

  2. Those are little kid undies. My guess is, there was a spill and this is a mom willing to look foolish so that she can put her kid in dry undies again.

    1. Oh well that makes it ok then. Yuh, not really. There are other ways of going about this that are civilized and respectful of others. With a ‘muh-muh’ like that, kid’s got no chance beyond valet or night shift factory security.

  3. I remember my first plane ride….my boyfriend just went to the washroom aboard and just as i stood up to join him , and make him an honorary member of the mile high club, I sharted (farted but shit came out).
    I remember the warmth that it provided me around my ass all the way up to my fuck box…it felt good!!!…but then , after a few minutes, it started to get cold and itchy in my ass and the back of my legs. I will always remember fondly that plane ride 🙂 🙂 🙂

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