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  1. You didn’t and still haven’t disproved anything, you dense cvnt. Reposting the same things you were wrong about last time, doesn’t make you right this time, does it genius? Let’s try again, shall we, Einstein? Now, try and follow the bouncing ball; Japan doesn’t count, as it’s not a Western nation. Switzerland voter turnout is way higher than the US when local and regional elections are included in the data (ie the Swiss participate in their democracy in far higher numbers than ‘muricans…which is exactly the point). Your statistics on Luxembourg are pure horseshit that you just made up. Luxembourg regularly gets 90% turnout. While Poland may have a low turnout, it is a legacy of being in the Eastern Bloc, which is why most former soviet countries are not counted as “western” countries.

    Once again, the “dozens” of countries that do worse than the US in math results, are not Western countries. Try and keep up.

    Like I told you before, having “absentee voting” does NOT change the fact that the US has the fastest declining rate of access to the polls of any Western nation. Sticking your head up your a$s and refusing to acknowledge that voter suppression is a thing in the US, does not make you magically correct, because you say so, does it? There are many studies that prove you to be just plain wrong, such as those done by Freedom House (a US government funded organization that has been rating countries for eighty years).

    You seem to relish trying to find an exception here and there that means the US is not dead last in a very few of the categories I listed, just so you can be right, so, i’ma head you off at the pass and say the US is either dead last or at the very bottom of the list of every single other country in the Western world, for all those bad statistics I listed.

    Once again, just like last time, you lose.

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