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    1. Hey, the queer’s back, hadn’t heard from you in a while. I see you haven’t added a single word to your vocabulary.

    2. I thought liberals were caring and accepting of everyone….but all I see from you is hate. When are we gonna roast marshmallows and sing kumbaya?

    1. Ya’ll? That sounds like you were trying to say you all but a dick slipped into your mouth and popped out really quick in mid statement.

    1. Looking at the comments on this website, “moon cricket” seems to be the latest deplorable racist slur. Do all you slack-jawed yokels subscribe to the same newsletter, or something? The Scumbag Weekly or the ‘Ignant, seems like something you mini-brained clowns would lap up.

    2. haha, I pity your limited redneck upbringing. If you had been raised by two loving fathers, and taught how to perform proctology exams from an extremely early age as I have, perhaps you would be able to perceive the world the way I do as well!

  1. Now I hate to break this to you, Anarchy, but pointing out the racism of rednecks is not (now matter how much you wish it was) racism. You do know that Rednecks are not a race, right Einstein?

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