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  1. Too bad that dude can’t pay the $40,000 required to get dental care in the US.

    *Sips tea while enjoying my socialist lifestyle*

    1. Jep, instead you shove it down the throat of your pharma companies and millionaire doctors. lol

      Stoopid American.

    2. United doesn’t mean Socialist. But then again you are a complete moron who just makes shit up, so we can’t expect too much from you.

    3. Is that why the Brits are known for having bad teeth? Must be from all of the quality dental care their socialist medical programs provide.

    4. Don’t know where you get the 40k number, but he’ll pay for it one way or another. But being a proud socialist, and you have enough money to sit, drink your tea, and do nothing else, you should be proud to pay for his dental work…you know…spread the wealth around. Or are you a lib/socialist/commie hypocrite?

  2. Leave it to a 90 lb. nappy haired soy boy faggot with a trust account to try something so stupid. Must be his day off from protesting something.

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