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    1. You are so freaking funny dude. In fact, I envy you so much because of your invaluable contributions to this site. God bless you.

  1. life of a single mom. She throws her dragnet out ….. then the truth comes out. It’s actually the fair thing to do; give potential suitors the real truth behind everyday family life rather than painting your face and batting your eyes at the camera. Like an idiot. Also, and idea…don’t allow your child to drink 1 1/2 L of spoiled milk. Much less, don’t film the results and post them on the Internet. Just sayin’.

    1. Don’t bother “just saying”, dickhead. Keep your your nonsensical drivel to yourself. Just reading that garbage gave me brain cancer.

    2. @anonymous we are lookin at the same video aren’t we faggot? Seriously bro…you and your mom should go make a fuckin video.

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