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    1. It’s a fail site, of course it will attract people who failed at life and are pissed off because of it.

  1. @ Anon ^ Like you herp derp…

    How dare those racist cops profile this upstanding gentleman…how dare they I say!

  2. And here we go, another protests for BLM for this poor retard who fail to commit a crime and get slam by the cops. Tired of this black n!ggers shit.

  3. This man cannot be blamed for his actions. He has been oppressed. He from da hood, how else he gonna get money for school clothes?

  4. Try running up to a cop car and jacking it with cops in it. It would work on San Andreas but try it on GTAV and you’d be wasted before you opened the door.

  5. This is why I keep a gun, MF tries to get in my car , Gunshot to the head. Fuck it if you see a black just shoot them in the head period!

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