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    1. Probably a “learn from my mistake” type thing. Don’t speed like an idiot like I was and get locked up in a tank slapper and thrown under a semi.

  1. And THAT’S when you buy yourself a lottery ticket. After cheating death, may as well find out just how powerful that lucky horseshoe you have up your ass.

  2. However the rest of us aren’t quite as lucky seeing as how this crotch-rocket faggot lived, unfortunately.

  3. Few years ago I was driving on the turnpike doing about 75, when a kid on a crotch rocket came up next to me. Wearing flip flip, shorts and a sleeveless tee shirt, crunched down 2 gears revved his engine way up and dumped the clutch. Pulled a wheelie going away from me when he got into a tank slapper (if he’d been steering),

    I knew he was going to dump it since he didn’t back off and was hitting the brakes. Sure enough off he went and I looked at him sliding on his back at about 85-90. Made eye contact with him from my pickup cab.

    Both lanes stopped and I was the first to reach him. He had no skin left on his heels, small of his back and elbows. Asked if he was alright (stupid question probably) and he said FUCK YOU!!

    Had already dialed 911 so I got in my truck and left. Bike had a temp tag from a couple days before.


  4. Fucking Idiot Crotch rocket faggot. Don’t speed dipshit. Then he tries to laugh it off. Biggest retard of the year right here.

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